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Christmas laser lights

How Laser Lights Actually Work: What Is The Essence Of The Best Units?

Laser Lights

Most of you believe that LASER is just a name, but actually, it stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In simple terms, which you may prefer, this means that they create light using the source of energy, such as electricity and exciting all the atoms with the emission of light and medium. They use electric field in order to direct all the protons into just one spot, which is completely different than how ordinary bulbs work.

The next step in producing laser lights are the mirrors. Each device has a few of them inside. Their main goal is to increase the strength of the light and boost its capabilities. The best Christmas laser lights are so powerful that their beams can be seen from a large distance, without the distortion. The number of mirrors inside a unit will vary, but usually, you can expect to get between 2 and 4. As we mentioned, more mirrors mean better and stronger light beam.

Benefit of the monochromatic lights

Each light produced by the laser light projector is monochromatic. It simply means that it is in one color. Other methods for illuminating your home will generate multiple colors, which actually has a downside on the quality of the colors themselves. When it comes to the monochromatic lights, the quality is at the highest level, all the time. Addition: None of the laser lights can operate during the daytime.

The best models should feature 2-3 different light sources, meaning that they can produce 2-3 different colors at the same time. If you have a basic model, with one color, make sure you get additional laser light projectors to maximize the effect. That’s why models with 2 colors are the best.

Christmas laser lights

Advanced Features To Look For In Laser Lights For Christmas

If you are planning to get a new laser Christmas light, there are basic and advanced features to consider. These ones here are advanced ones, needed to people who want the most from their laser projector. If you are one of them, you will find this content very useful! Below are the main, advanced options to consider, usually supported in mid and high-end models. Don’t expect to get them from the cheapest unit!

  1. Energy efficiency

Is and how much a laser light projector energy efficient? This should be the first question to answer, because all of these devices will run for a long period of time, meaning that they can directly increase the energy bill, obviously. In laser Christmas lights reviews make sure to pay attention to the percentage of the efficiency. New models use LED technology, so they are 80% more efficient than older units.

  1. IP factor

IP factor is used to describe the toughness of a laser light. The higher the number, the stronger and more resistant the device is. For example, IP65 means that a device is capable of withstanding any kind of weather. Even the storms won’t be an issue.

  1. Number of static points

Most people pay attention to the amount of surface a laser light projector can illuminate, but most of them forget about the static dots. Hypothetically, you can have a device covering 1000 feet of the surface, but what it has only 100 dots? This won’t be very appealing! Generally, 1000 static dots per 600 feet is enough. More is better, but the slightly lower number isn’t bad either.

  1. Colors

Static points come in one or several colors. Most common choices are green and red, but you can also find blue, white and etc. Advanced models offer possibility to display several different colors.